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*April 21st, 2023



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Zews Unreachables
Ch, JCh, Balkan Junior Winner 2018, HD-B, ED-0, vWd-clear, IPO 1
Efes Eto Ginga House
INT Ch, multi Ch, HD-A, ED-0, vWd-carrier, ZTP V1A, IPO 1
Oscar z Padoku
Ch, HD-1, ZTP SG1B, IPO 1
Yacheero's Pando Pandero
Ak-Yar Raya
Atina Ginga House
Sant Kreal Zeus
Carmen Cara Ginga House
Jamaha Unreachables
JCh, HD-A, vWd-clear
Dante delle Querce Nere
Ch, HD-A, vWd-clear, ZTP SG1A, ENCI 2
Pathos delle Querce Nere
Ca'stellamaris Corinne
Fanta Unreachables
Ch, HD-A (Serbia), HD-B (Germany), IPO 1
Urbano del Diamante Nero
Paloma del Nasi
Clara Unreachables
HD-A, vWd-clear
Tahi-Réme Pacino
Ch, JCh, HD-A (SRB), HD-B (D), ED-0, vWd-clear, ZTP, IPO 1
Oksamit de Grande Vinko
Ch, Latvian Winner 2011 & 2012, Latvian Dobemann Club Winner 2011, HD-A, vWd-clear, AD, MH, ZTP V1B, angekört Ia, IPO 3
Leo vom Märkischen Land
Gekata de Vinko iz Doliny Dalmenov
Tahi-Réme Ameeriah
AIAD Jugendsieger 2009, IDC Jugendsieger 2009, AIAD Champion 2010, HD-A, ZTP V1B, IPO 1
Ale Alamos del Citone
Tahi-Réme Giniti
Fort Bellators Petra
multi Exc1, HD-A, vWd-clear
Livonija Baron Amber Amulet
INT Ch, multi Ch, HD-B, vWd-clear, ZTP 1A, IPO 1, T-1
Oscar z Padoku
Livonija Baronesa Pia Pandora
Savana Betelges
BiH Ch, SRB JCh, Junior World Winner 2013, Youth Winner of Serbian Winner Show 2013, Hungaria Prima Junior, Golden Doberman Slovakia Baby Class Club Winner 2012, HD-A, vWd-clear, ZTP
Tahi-Réme Max
Xenia for Betelges del Nasi


The inbreeding coefficient of 8 generations is 4.24 %.