Our puppies found a new home in the following countries:







*June 23rd, 2022



black male available



15 weeks - LINO LIMONCELLO Unreachables - available


10 weeks




9 weeks



8 weeks





7 weeks




6 weeks






5 weeks


28 days


23 days


21 days


15 days



15 days





12 days


4 days







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Eden Baltic Residence
Ch, JCh, HD-A, vWd-clear
Jovanotti Unreachables
Ch, JCh, HD-A (Serbia), HD-B (Germany), ED-0, vW-clear, ZTP, IPO 1
Dante delle Querce Nere
Ch, HD-A, vWd-clear, ZTP SG1A, ENCI 2
Pathos delle Querce Nere
Ca'stellamaris Corinne
Fanta Unreachables
Ch, HD-A (Serbia), HD-B (Germany), IPO 1
Urbano del Diamante Nero
Paloma del Nasi
Paradiz Ronado Sarina
multi Ch, JCh, vice Lithuanian Winner 2016, Moldavian Winner 2014, HD-A, vWd-clear
Sensei di Campovalano
INT Ch, multi Ch, HD-A, ED-0, vWd-carrier, ZTP V1A, IPO 1
River Athor Farah di Campovalano
Histered della Fortezza Vecchia
Paradiz Ronado Jeunesse
JCh, HD-A, vWd-clear, IPO 1
Enzo van de Donauhoeve
Paradiz Ronado Sonata
Dea Desafio of Anubis' Army
Exc1, HD-B, vWd-clear, ZTP SG1B
Leletton Ilay Daminscu
Exc1, HD-A, AD, ZTP SG1A
Imidz Major al Faruh Valjur Land
multi Ch, JCh, Lithuanian Dobermann Club Winner 2006, Best Working Dog of Latvian Dobermann Club 2005, HD-A, vWd-clear, ZTP V1B, SchH 1, IPO 2
Smart Wood Hills Ilios
Silvana Lefer Imidz
Smart Wood Hills Omega
Smart Wood Hills Tamango
Imidz Zeja Zalora Alegar
Golden Granite Unreachables
HD-A, vWd-clear, AD, therapy dog
Zedor del Nasi
European Dobermann Trophy Winner 2010, HD-A, vWd-clear, ZTP V1B, IPO 1
Fedor del Nasi
Karma Kaja del Nasi
Paloma del Nasi
INT Ch, CH, Dobermann Cup Novi Sad Club Winner 2009, Serbia Club Winner 2008, HD-1, ZTP SG1B, IPO 1
Fedor del Nasi
Gloria del Nasi


The inbreeding coefficient of 8 generations is 4.24 %.