Oskar Unreachables














Omega Unreachables



vWd clear
USA DNA DCM - negative


Youth Class
CAC Uzice/SRB 2013 (Miodrag Vreteničić - MNE) - Exc1, BOB
CAC Uzice/SRB 2013 (Miodrag Vreteničić - MNE) - 2nd place Best Couple with Megan Unreachables
Serbian National Championship/SRB 2013 (A. Poliforne / M. Massa) - Vg












Gallery of puppies








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Obi Wan Kenobi de Grande Vinko
INT Ch, multi Ch, IDC Jugendsieger 2010, HD-A, ZTP V1B, IPO 1
Leo vom Märkischen Land
HD-A, AD, ZTP V1B, VPG 3, IPO 3, FH 2
Nitro del Rio Bianco
Ch, AIAD Sieger 2001, IDC Jugendsieger, DV Jugendsieger, Bundesjugendsieger,
AIAD Jugensieger, HD-B, ZTP V1A, SchH 1
Nilo del Rio Bianco
Farah del Rio Bianco
Isa vom Märkischen Land
HD-1, AD, ZTP, VPG 3, IPO 3, FH 1
Jivago van het Wantij
Dolly vom Märkischen Land
Gekata de Vinko iz Doliny Dalmenov
multi Ch, HD-A, ZTP V1A, IPO 1
Pluto de Grande Vinko
multi Ch, HD-A, IPO 1
Baron Nike Renewal
Grafinya Shanel-San de Vinko
Aida de Grande Vinko
Ch, HD-A, IPO 1
Tigr iz Slavnoi Stai
Ak-Yar Andromeda
Jamaha Unreachables
HD-A, vWd-clear
Dante delle Querce Nere
Ch, HD-A, vWd-clear, ZTP SG1A, ENCI 2
Pathos delle Querce Nere
AIAD Sieger 2007, IDC Sieger 2006, IDC Jugendsieger 2005, CH, HD-A, ZTP V1B, IPO 1
Urbano del Diamante Nero
Ninette della Sinvessa
Ca'stellamaris Corinne
INT Ch, Ch, HD-A, ZTP V1B, ENCI 2, IPO 1
LeoLevante del Rio Bianco
Fanta Unreachables
Ch, HD-A (Serbia), HD-B (Germany), IPO 1
Urbano del Diamante Nero
INT Ch, multi Ch, Vice World Winner,
AIAD Champion 2006, AIAD
ViceSieger 2005, IDC
Jugendsieger, AIAD Jugendsieger,
Victor Vito del Rio Bianco
Indiana del Diamante Nero
Paloma del Nasi
INT Ch, Ch, HD-1, ZTP SG1B, IPO 1
Fedor del Nasi
Gloria del Nasi


The inbreeding coefficient of 8 generations is 5.81 %.